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Football / Rugby scoring software for stadium displays

TechScore FOOTBALL & TechScore RUGBY

TechScore FOOTBALL is a Windows™-based software package designed for the live scoring of professional football matches.


As a software package, TechScore provides a supremely cost-effective and user-friendly method of live sports scoring. Combined with graphics overlay hardware, TechScore can provide complete graphics and scoreboard functionality for giant video screens in stadia.


TechScore contains an easy-to-use database of leagues, teams and players. Just prior to a match, the scoreboard operator uses the TechScore Match Wizard to set up the details of opponents, match officials, advertising, etc. Once the team list is published, the player names are selected quickly and easily so that they can be shown on the stadium displays.


During play, TechScore handles scoring, timing and substitutions. TechScore generates a database of variables in XML format which is read in real-time by TechEvent for display on the stadium screen(s).

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TechScore FOOTBALL is in use at sc Heerenveen (Netherlands) and GF38 (Grenoble, France). A web-browser based version, called WebScore, was supplied by Technographic Displays to Arsenal FC for the opening of the Emirates Stadium in 2006.

TechScore RUGBY is in use at Twickenham Stadium, London