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Live Action Replay System

Introducing LARS

SysDev has released LARS - Live Action Replay System.


LARS is specifically aimed at sports stadia or screen rental companies wishing to show live action replays on their big screens at a low cost. LARS is a single-board, single-channel solution, incorporating solid-state memory as a simple and reliable replacement for hard disk drives.


The system is complemented by a fast and simple PC user interface and is suplied with a Contour Design Shuttle Xpress multimedia controller for fast, intuitive operation. The board is housed in an aluminium enclosure which can be rack-mounted (1U) or desk-mounted. The system is a fraction of the price of TV broadcast action replay systems incorporating hard-disc-based video servers.


Replays can be set to normal speed, half, quarter or one-eighth speed (or a combination of these). Super slow-motion is not supported.


The input can be SDI, YPbPr, YC or CV and the same options plus RGB are available as outputs. JPEG2000 compression is employed to achieve professional-quality replays. As well as the video outputs, a high-speed USB(2.0) port is provided that will enable replays to be transferred to PC-based systems such as SysDev’s own TechEvent at speeds that are faster than real-time.


Initially, up to 5 minutes of video can be stored (and simultaneously replayed) by the system. Future versions could see storage increased to 20 minutes. The board does not handle embedded audio, but an audio daughter-board has been catered for in the design which could handle a separate (stereo) audio channel. Many other applications are possible - involving video recording with simultaneous playback, delay and processing.


A simple firmware change could make LARS into a video delay unit with a variable delay of between a few frames and five minutes.


The LARS board and software are fully customisable and SysDev welcomes OEM enquiries.


SysDev can help you develop new products, too. Please contact us now to discuss your ideas!

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