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Electronic product design and LED screen consultancy

Welcome to SysDev

SysDev is a UK-based company specialising in electronic product design and development, high-quality LED screens,  screen control applications, consultancy and project management. The company benefits from the 36 years of experience of Arthur Jackson, ranging from product design to software development and project management. For the last 20 years, Arthur has specialised in large-screen LED systems through pioneering work at Invision Microsystems, Technographic Displays and SysDev.


SysDev has recently developed LARS - Live Action Replay System - for sports stadia wanting cost-effective action replays on their giant screens. TechScore and TechEvent provide supremely versatile sports scoring and presentation systems, also aimed at stadium displays. SysDev offers independent advice on LED screen selection and system design.


There is no substitute for expertise and we take pride in providing an expert, reliable and cost-effective facility, so why not talk to SysDev about our electronics design and development service?




Cost-effective, high-quality Live Action Replay System specifically tailored for sports stadium applications...

TechScore and TechEvent

Sports scoring and event presentation systems for sports stadia of all types...

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Electronics, consultancy and project management

Just some of the services offered by the SysDev team...


SysDev has recently completed two major projects for Nottinghamshire County Cricket Club.